Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today We begin a new adventure.  We are going to Creation Northwest In Enumclaw.  It should be a time to worship our Lord and sing new songs and a time to replenish our souls in his spirit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The end of our trip.

 This is the trip Santiam pass .  Near Three sister which had a name one of faith, hope, and charity

It was snowing.  On a scooter that can be a bit scarybut we survived and found a wonderful resturant ,  We ate a fieta and beans and defrosted.  The trip was less exciting on to Eugen,  We were verttired and for some reason my stomach wasn't happy.  The next day I sleped half the day.  We were worn out.  It was nice of Beverly Ron's sis ter to take in two bedraggled wayfairers.  Then Kala and Jenny gave up their bed.  What wonderful people.

Monday, April 30, 2012


This land changes as you travel each county is different and has something unique.  To travel by scooter you smell it.  The fresh air the flowers the gas fumes the trees.  You get to experience the challenges the heat and the cold.  Today it was cold.  Not enough  to freeze the fingers though.


I started taking some buildings That arre different.  I have to taken many picures of towns etc,  because to me most of them are the same,  They all put in the same stores and the same hotels etc,
But some places are beautiful.. Here is a rest stop that is rare where you see nature as it relly is.  The birds are there to watch and enjoy.


We are now in Bend Oregon.  I have had some trouble putting  picures etc, on this blog ,  This is taken near Klamath falls.  We ended there yesterday.  Today It was raining so I did not take any picures and I regret that but it was too cold as well.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The wind.

If you could only see the wind in the grass here .  It was laying flat.
I you


. We really lve the out doors
Lake in to the Walker in Nevada.  You may wonder why.  Why do we like to go way out here in the middle of nowhere.  Why when sometimes it's a total challenge.  I suppose you could say we like to test ourselves.  We like to breath fresh air.  We love the vastness of beautiful places.  My thought is we are alive

The rest of the story

The trip was fairly uneventful till this point and then the winds started to pick up

We stopped at Hawthorne where the  army has an amunition plant where you see buildings dug into the dirt.  Very interesting and strange.   I was a bit tired by now and with the wind wanted to quit but after eating we decided to push on as there was  only about 90 miles left on the trip and the winds were o,k, After McDonalds we passed Walker lake.  It is a  long long lake right out in the middle of nowhere.  The next picture from this one if you will note we are listing to one side.  The side winds got to be a bit much.

This is where I started I started using cowboy language.  Yelling yepee every time a truck passed us because we would be blown every which way and back a strong wind buffiting us around feeling as if we would leave the road at times.   I was trying to show by the trees how fast the wind was blowing but it doesn't look like I succeeded.  We did finally see a cow when close to fallon where we are now.

This is Friday and I am trying to write my day.

Today we are resting .  It is much needed after what we did yesterday.  This is Tonapah; at least the start from there.  As you can see the wind is up.  At the beginning not too bad but as they  day wore on it got pretty bad about 40 to 50 miles perhour and after we got settled up to 60.  It was mostly cross wind.
This is the Hotel.  The mizpah that we ate in last night with such good food.  It is not much to look at from the outside but inside it is a gem.
On to the open road where a person can breath fresh air without much pollen.  But before we get to this I want to take a moment and talk about the place of Tonapah.  It is in a place in Nevada if you are going  a couple of different ways you must go there.  So there are a lot of people who stop there.  we found the Best Western where on the whole you can have a decent breakfast.  Eggs, toast, rolls, orange juice, crannberry juice, coffee, hot water for tea,  and more often than not fresh fruit.  Apples, oranges and sometimes bananas,  and of course cold cereals.
There were many people here for breakfast and the one I liked the best was the lady that kept the food coming.  She and I got on the topic of the bible and bible studies.

I just wanted to show here that there were other like minded people on the road.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

As you can see there is not much to see along this way but a few bushes and hills.  It is mostly flat with moutains far away.
This is just another scene.  Therre were few cars on the road.
The day just got hottere and hotter as we got closes ro Vegas.


 This is from Wed.  We were on the  open road after Vegas one of my most favorite places .  There are few cars and an open sky. a bit of a breeze was blowing but not too bad.
 This is a new place in Beatty.  We did not expect much and were happy things have changed since the last time we have been through.

 I love the open sky the fresh air and the freedom this place inspires.  There are no animals that can live here because of the lack of water.  Here and there you see villages or mines that have a few people and places that say they are ranches but they are few and far between.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We Went here for pie after a leisurely morning.  We decided to stay one more day in Wiliams so that we could rest up for the trip back home.  they have really interesting pies.  I have never heared of most of them.  We tried the blueberry, peach, and apple pie with ice cream of course.  I can't seem to eat pie without it any more.

This is a clock that chimes in Williams on the hour and half hour.  It chimes just like the clock in London.  It is so cool. ron was the first to notice it.
This is another cool bike we saw. It's a three wheel harly davidson.
This is the place we ate dinner in that evening.  We had a huge steak, baked potato and salad.  We spit it.  It was way too much for us.  We stoped here because we met a man who was taking pictures on the train and he taled to us for awhile and gave us a ten percent coupon.  The food was good.  Williams if I did not mention it before toughts itself as the last route 66 place to be bypassed by the freeway.

The sunsets don;\'t last very long here so you have to hurry to take a picure no matter where you are.

Monday, April 23, 2012

a day on the train.

This is the country near Williams taken from the train.
This Lady Morgan her name is our guide aboard the train.  She is a very independant sort.  She build her own home all by herself,; lives a solitary life out in the country.  She hauls her own water has solar energy and pays taxes of $ 350.00 a year.  She once was a blackjack dealer.  She was fun.  By the way the train was a real steam engine from the past.  She was really happy she is a history buff and a photographer.. 

We are in real cow country.  They truck water to these cattle during the summer and feed them in the winter.  There thousands of them here but scattered.  We saw a lone antelope near here.

This is an old telegraph line.  It has the old green insulators on the top and some of the original line.

I am not sure you can see the smoke but it is there.

One of the things about the original indiam building is the doorways just fit us.  We being the size they were at the time.

I couldn't get enough pictures of this place.  The sun was out and it wasn't evening so the colors arn't as spectaculer as they would be but none the less this  is an inspiring place.

The little creatures don't beg here.  It is a $5000 fine if a person is caught doing it.  They are still not afraid of people which makes for better viewing in the outdoors.

We were in for a treat.  We saw a few dances and costumes while were here.

The shawdows were starting to come and gave more definition to my pictures.

 Here is Ron showing train we were on.  Ron and I had to walk quite a bit but I noticed a few people used wheelchairs.One had his bike along.  He was following route 66

Here is one of the train entertainers.

We were robbed!!!!