Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interesting views of the road.

This has been fun.  A  bit cold but not near as cold as the last trip.  We spent our first night in Camas, Washington.  It began to rain a little after we started but remainde fairly warm until the next day.  When we got to Stevenson we got a bit confused and did a bit of extra driving but after a stop for gas and coffee where we met a fellow looking for a scooter.  We might have sold our scooter.  It has been gathering dust in our basement/grge for awhile now.  In fact we have a smallerone if anyone would be interested.  Any way we got back our focus and got on the road again .  We went across the Bridge of the Gods .  Stoped at Arlington, Oregon and had a wonderful dinner/lunch. It was a mexican Resturan near or at the Village Inn.  It had an awesome bean soup and a veggie Stirfrye.  The sun came out for the first time there and dried us out for a short time.  We landed in Pendleton and decided to stay.

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